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Data-led Border Surveillance

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Intelligent Awareness & Security

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Fully Adaptable & Automated

Shaping a secure tomorrow

through digitizing borders today

Dedicated to meeting the distinctive requirements of governments by seamlessly integrating technology into their operations. 
Delivering an integrated approach to border security and migration.

Integrated digital border surveillance network

Integrated data-led border surveillance network = intelligent 24/7 awareness and security. Safe, secure borders keep our people safe and provide the consent needed for economic growth and a thriving civil society. Robust, Intelligent Technology can stop attacks and issues before they arise, allowing a multi-agency, civilian-led approach to avoid military escalation.
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The benefits of IDA’s approach to digitizing borders

Data & Intelligence Led

IDA’s approach prioritizes data and intelligence gathering, enabling preventative development initiatives and intelligence-led interventions.

Modular & Scalable

Bespoke solutions optimised for your specific terrain, situation and budget. Scaled from a single unit up to the full length of a border.

Adaptable & Automated

Using digital tools to make better decisions more quickly and safely. Uplifting performance to the best international standards.

Built-in Partnership

Developed with you to enhance your specific approaches and regulations rather than imposing a solution design from another country.

Robust and Open

Tailored to work and keep on working in your specific terrain & situation. Incorporating existing capabilities without the need for replacement.

James Cork

James has a track record of delivering tangible outcomes for the UK Ministry of Defence, other governments, multi-national defence primes and fast growing innovators. He works with partners to drive change and offer new solutions, drawing on digital innovation from outside of defense and security to reduce time to market, de-risk development and improve integration. He combines deep domain expertise, especially in C4ISR, with technical expertise in strategy, capability development and operational improvement. He was an officer in the British Army, completing operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, and is a chartered accountant with an MBA from London Business School.

Kibo Cabins

Kibo Cabins was founded in 2004 to protect the Athens Olympic Games. It is now a global leading provider of ballistic-resistant buildings with more than 20 global government customers, including the US Navy, Royal Air Force, French Army, Italian Police, and many others. All units are built bespoke at Kibo Cabin’s fabrication plant in the EU.

Komcept Solutions

Komcept Solutions was founded over 20 years ago to provide Signals Intelligence, integration, and bespoke electronic engineering projects to governments globally and key ‘blue chip’ companies. Our core staff have over a century of combined experience working in the most sensitive parts of the British Government. Komcept Solutions has installed strategic-level systems to monitor and prevent illicit activity along international borders for clients in the Middle East, many African countries, South America, and Europe.

John Holden

John Holden is an expert in border security with experience spanning military and national security operations. He was commissioned into the Royal Navy, serving on submarines and fleet ships, and completing roles at the UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC), and as a United Nations Military Observer. On leaving the forces, he became a diplomat with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, spending significant time in North Africa and the Sahel region. John’s experience and networks span both public and private sectors; he has expertise in initiating and delivering complex Defence and National Security projects in Africa and Asia.

Brian Kelly

As CEO of the Integrated Defense Accelerator, Brian M. Kelly embodies the trifecta of technical expertise, business leadership, and visionary foresight. Deep-rooted Expertise in Defense and Surveillance: Brian M. Kelly is a stalwart in the defense industry, bringing over 27 years of unparalleled experience. Spearheading the development of the first modular-based thermal camera systems for defense at Industrial Security Alliance Partners, Inc., Mr. Kelly’s extensive knowledge in Electro-Optical camera systems and surveillance technologies positions him as an authoritative figure in the sector. His technical acumen and operational experience directly align with the core requirements of the Integrated Defence Accelerator. Proven Track Record of Business Acumen and Leadership: Beyond his technical prowess, Mr. Kelly’s career demonstrates a remarkable ability to steer businesses to success. From his pivotal role in the acquisition and subsequent re-acquisition of RVision, Inc. to his strategic oversight of investments within the defense industry, his business strategies have consistently yielded positive outcomes. Mr. Kelly is a leader who understands the technological nuances and knows how to navigate the complex business terrains of the defense sector. Visionary Approach Towards Future Technologies and Markets: Mr. Kelly’s foresight extends beyond conventional defense in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. He recognizes the transformative potential of 5G technology and envisions pioneering smart city solutions that will redefine urban living. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the Integrated Defence Accelerator Corp. is not just betting on the present but also securing a stake in the future of defense and technology.

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